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You Might Be a Single Parent If…

1) You hang the Christmas decorations on top of the Halloween decorations 2) You call your neighbor the nanny 3) You eat the last cup of noodle in the bathtub, not just to hide it but also because it makes the water feel warmer and TO GET SOME GOD DAMN PEACE FOR ONE SECOND 4) […]

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Teenagers Body-shaming Billie Eilish Test Positive For Oedipus Complex

After stepping outside without any sleeves on, the internet was set afire with body-shamers criticizing Billie’s Eilish‘s figure, calling it a “mid-30’s wine mom bod.” In a truly Freudian slip-of-fate, medical results from the critics have just come back positive, indicating what we all suspected, a full blown case of Oedipus complex. Does Billie Eilish’s […]

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12 Film & TV Series You Should Already Be Watching #12 -TROLL – Comedy mini series on HULU These are short little 4 min episodes that will truly delight you. It amazes me that with two actors just sitting in a room together for just 4 minutes at a time, this show was able to […]

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